Integrity in photographing spaces and the art of keeping it real.

These beautiful images are from our friend Dani Vottero.  What I love about them is their clarity , intimacy and the reality of space.  The photos are unpretentious and the colors are accurate.  The images are taken from a human view point.  His photography is classical and true to the environment.

Born in northern Italy Dani travels the world for his work, much of which has been in Latin America and Asia. He developed his skills and honed his artistic eye at Animum 3D in Malaga, Spain’s renowned school of photography. His graduate work “Himalayan Trails” is a documentary of Nepal. After publication in September 2015, it has been embraced by art, travel and documentary photography aficionados world wide. Himalayan Trails can be ordered at Uno Editorial, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the reconstruction of Nepal.





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I'm an artist and painting is the medium that nurtures my soul most. I am a fanatic collaborator and over the years established several artistic platforms. Family, friends, adventures and life artists help me SHAPE and LIVE life. I'm addicted to process, perception and change.

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